JD Pauleau

Past Games

4 Players. Three are lost in a dangerous and pitch black Asylum: The Patients. One is overseeing the situation from surveillance network: The Guardian. The Patients can only hear behind doors b
You play either a rebel hidden in the crowd trying anything to get your political message heard by the population or the security chief of the great leader trying to locate and remove the rebels. G
You are a soul, losted in a dark labyrinth, looking for its heart. Hoppefully, you can heard the heartbeat to find your way. Keep moving, open doors, avoid obstacles and traps... hurry up, your soul will not survive forever.. In local multiplayer mode, 2nd player play one of the red evil soul of the labyrinthe hunting the losted soul, he have a better view of the rooms around and can't die (the labyrinthe trap's will not affect him). (Tips for Multiplayer: Red soul can't take the teleporter, the other red evil friends can help to spot the blue soul). Blue soul use arrows to move and space to open door. Red soul use qsdz to move and left alt to open door.
Your are the black dragon brave the others in a crazy online race.