Jay Friso

Past Games

PLAY THE LATEST BUILD ON ITCH : https://jfrisogames.itch.io/lostwastedandfound Game made for Global Game Jam 2021 (Vancouver). Help these drunk bastards find their lost items by engaging in &quo
Your life is falling apart. Your marriage is crumbling. Your car has broken down. And your PC bluescreens all the time. Suddenly you see hope in the distance. A ROLL OF DUCK TAPE!!! THAT&
Tempurang is a mobile hyper casual game where you boomerang-throw shrimp into a bowl of hot oil to make tempura. How many tempura can you make in 30 seconds?
This is a couch 4-player, 2D side-scrolling platforming game where everyone is trying to platform to the top of the level.
How to Play: Dodge evil spirits by moving Master Om up or down with your voice.