Past Games

The robot factory is broken! A 2 player game where you have to assemble broken robots, one person rotates the body while the other one throws the right pieces. better description TODO ha ha
For me, Home is about the people, it doesn't matter where you go, you can always make new friends if you try. It takes time, like planting, you have to water it and over time, things can grow in
Test the bonds of friendship and camaraderie in this competitive top-down shooter! Each player is faced with swarms of enemy robots, that when defeated are sent to the other player.
REQUIRES GAMEPAD (X360) - Supports 2-4 players for optimal experience - does play with 0-1 controllers in 'demo' mode Crowd surf your way to victory by battling atop a wave of spectator
Every 1000 years there's a SUPER chance to save your soul. CHALLENGE your friends in an awesome infraworld ARENA! Win the TOURNAMENT to prove that you're the best ghost alive!
Local multiplayer RTS game for mobile! Command hordes of Exigys and give them orders when they ask you "What do we do now?".
The player has to get as much friends as it can and reach the end of the stage. If you touch a green ball it will become your friend and will follow you, but if you touch it again, you will lose!
This is a horror game, based on the fear of not knowing what might be out there, and the emotions and heart rate increases that causes.