Past Games

Use your webcam to carefully observe shaky particles. Observe as many as you can within 2 minutes.
Lost and adrift in space, beyond your nav computer's range, you must get your derelict spaceship up and running again before it falls into a nearby star's gravity well. Explore the small sh
Go fix your PhD thesis, the time machine!
Play as a brave little bee trying to connect up satellites to send a message across space. A cute puzzle game.
The Empire of Lights is a visual experiment inspired by a series of paintings drawn by René Magritte of the same name. In this game, you need to collect all the coins scattered throughout the world.
A card game where you don't know rules! With one designated rulemaster, the players must deduce the rules of the game!
It's all lies. Or is it? In this game of truth and trollery, nothing is as it seems.
Legends tell of the savior of our kind, the Horseless Headless Horsebot known by the name Ichabot Crane.
You're a construction worker lost in a dark and abandoned space station. Navigate through the darkness by following your partner robot's instructions.
Little Susie is stuck in her haunted summer house. She must escape the horrors unscathed. Enjoy this game of distorted reality using standard 3rd person controls, cameras, and the \"Z\" button. It's easy to get lost, but can you find the way out? Voted 3rd Place in the Audience's Choice at the jam site!
Drop ball on keyboard to initiate a tactical nuclear strike on desired target.
Make the bees run into thorns.