Past Games

A fun, intuitive and mind-bending puzzle/mad lib mashup game; Rorschach is a game in which the player is tasked by a mad psychiatrist to complete the missing side of his trusted Rorschach inkblot test
Ganesh, the Hindu god of success, is both the giver and taker of obstacles. In parts of India, his earthly counterparts, Asian elephants traverse a coeur-ridor of elephant trails through forests, mountains, streams, and...increasingly, relentlessly, an ever-expanding human footprint. Houses, farms, businesses, roads, and civilization block the way and obliterate the landmarks matriarchs rely on to navigate. In the world's second most populous nation, is there room enough for both people and pachyderms? In Heart of Ganesh, you play the matriarch of an elephant clan. Your sisters, daughters, grandchildren, cousins, nephews and nieces rely on you alone to lead the way from the mountaintop to the vital watering hole. First, memorize the route—the crucial landmarks, the obstacles, the quickest paths. Then, navigate your way as the human population swells all around you. How to play: Lead your elephant family to the watering hole in the shortest amount of time and moves you can.* *Oh, and try not to trample anybody. Bad karma.