Past Games

Eres un Dinosaurio Técnico reparador con tu propia empresa de servicios de mantenimiento, a pesar de tus enormes proporciones y diminutas garras, Trabajas para importantes oficinas y establecimientos,
Interactive art game about tuning to an ideal
Psychics use brainwaves in an attempt to control their opponent and submit them.
You're Carrie von Lagus, an exiled summoner.
This is a game about the soul guardians that didn't get a chance to appear in the last installment of our epic series. They have found a soul that doesn't belong in their home, and so the
Control the Guardians, animals chosen by Mother Earth to guide the lost souls of deceased animals.
John has loved to eat since he was a kid; however, as time goes by and he gets older, he has an increasing difficulty in processing the same (unhealthy) food he has always eaten. Talem, an ATP molecule representing John´s metabolism, has to try as hard as he can to prevent John from having a stroke. Instructions: -Move using the arrow keys dodge the unhealthy greases to prevent them from clogging John´s heart.

Hearty Games