Past Games

Trump against wind, wig and words. .. You are Trump at his first press conference as president and have to answer the journalist's questions!
Goal: Feed the rabbit to produce enough baby bunnies. Repeat. Win the game. Gameplay: Place the Augmented Reality Target on a flat surface, then start the game.
A chaotic party game! Do you know your keyboard well?? Play with 2-5 friends on a single keyboard, shove and push everyone out to keep your heart filled. How do I do it... we'll let you figure that out or loose to your friends.
Why change a game mechanic that works well? The jump and run game is a proved and tested mechanic and has always worked well, since the beginning of... well, video game time. Experience a running system through the ages and different graphic styles.
24 Jammer work on one game, two hours at a time. After two hours the project will go to the next jammer. This is the result after 48 hours of work
In a world where free speech is an endangered species, every news article and every journalist is balancing on a thin line between being obscure (and not being read) and being well known (and in danger of being persecuted). Can you escape the reach of the censors?