Jamie Spruin

Past Games

A low res shoot 'em up where you lose your vision due to a fog and need to search around for enemies. Play it here: https://jamie-spruin.itch.io/ggj-2021-fog-force
This game was not completed in time(Solo project and I got too invested in the art and sound) but here is what I managed to get done before the jam was over.
To some people a home is more than just a place to live in, it's a competition. In this neighborhood, people battle for supremacy by having the nicest looking home.
A tower defense Esq game where you are defending your house against hooligans trying to egg and toilette paper your house and you have to use your closest everyday objects to defend against them
Have you ever stopped and wondered what an email has to go through to get to it's destination?

Hearty Games