Jamie Red

Past Games

Give orders to the creature through the decoder and help it find its way home.
A murder mystery that tells you who the killer is...but you still have got to figure it out. And you only have sounds and still frames to guide you.
file://maniac is a puzzle where the main interactions are done in the directory of the game. Explore the folders and lose yourself in the criminal mind of the creator of the game.
A puzzle game with the old 90's "Find the object" graphic. You are the radio receiver in a fictional Great War setting.
"A shooter never changes, this one does." Hijacker is an FPS-vania wanna be, use your incredible power to control enemies and steal the data to learn new abilities; remember data is power!
A 2D platform multiplayer arena, where sexy corncobs fight each other using microwaves ovens.

Hearty Games