Past Games

Can you find love on the shop floor?! This is a dating sim about a starry-eyed new mechanic and their lovey-dovey encounters with the cars they're repairing! Music by: bensound.com
The player works at the immigration center and is tasked with allowing the people most valuable into the country. At the same time, the player must avoid letting in more unsavory types.
A game about the joys of working in an office environment. Simply press the keys as they appear on screen.
A game where you make subjective choices that shape your experience, and outcome as you walk along a path. You are presented with items that you can decide to pick up or leave behind.
Board game based on the element of instilling fear into players
Shifting Sands is a 4-player cooperative game played on an ever-changing tile-based board. Work as a team to find the lost relics, while dodging monsters and hazards. Good luck.
Extinction! Aliens (some cute, some terrible) have come in search of something! Will their search leave a planet desolate in the process? Find out soon!