Past Games

Duck's quest follows the story of a fabled holy knight, who just wants to take a bath.
An asymmetric 4v1 game, where four witches are looking to find and banish their fallen sister turned wraith.
As Producers we assisted 12 teams in the concept, development and delivery of the 48 hour Global Game Jam event themed Repair.
Waking up lost and confused after a hurricane that destroyed his home, a little boy and his dog start a journey to find his family.
Hidden Memories is a game about a girl torn from her world, put into a broken home. After learning of the location of her real parents, she must journey through this dangerous world of hers.
It’s 1983 and the doomsday clock just struck 15 seconds to midnight.
A dog discovers that home is where their owner is through a keen sense of smell, super hearing, and travelling through time. (Will add to later)
robot finding a home.
This is a story about someone who is having a tough span of events. With the trouble both at home and school, will the pressure of life make them crack?
A puppy is lost! Look for your person, dodge obstacles, and avoid being seen in this 2D Side Scroller to find your way back to your belly scratching home.
You are a spark of flame that burns out as you move and you are trying to find your way home back to the home fireplace.
Spectral Seas is a horror puzzle game about a sailor who's trapped on a haunted ship.