Past Games

You play as a hermit crab defending his home from a zombie invasion
Freak! When? See! is a 2D endless runner where you cannot jump. Instead, you fly through the air in a waveform pattern, increasing or decreasing the frequency of the waveform to avoid obstacles.
Survive waves of enemies as a submersible. Controls: Turn ship with arrow keys, move forward by holding space, shoot with z.
This is a survival combat game were you make the wave form of your shield and blast to destroy enemies.
An Arena based 3rd person multiplayer combat game, in the vein of a "Souls" style combat system. Has symmetrical maps with power weapons, all players spawn with the same available weapons.
Two players must work cooperatively as the on-site explorer using the Oculus Rift and a controller, and the remote mission controller with a standard pc, to traverse an alien world and activate the cr
** DEMO ** An emotional rollercoaster that sends the player through a gamut of "feels" as they're torn between a horrific and terrifying first person point-of-view and their vibrant,