Past Games

Instructions: (Controls) Use the arrow keys to move the stick shift. Hold shift to press the clutch. Hold space to accelerate. (Goal): Keep your speed within the target range when the countd
Play as one of a pair of adorable monsters trying to find their way to the exit despite being trapped in different but linked dimensions. A - Left, D - Right, Space - Jump E - Interact Q - Wave
Since thousands of minutes before our time, the warring wizard clans of Blue and Red castle have been locked in perpetual battle. Use ritual incantation keywords to cast spells at the other team.
Every several seconds, you get to choose HALF the coordinates for which sector you warp to next. Your crew chooses the rest. Because you still need some authority, but democracy is great.
As a ghostly janitor, keep your precious plants watered because your job isn't done even in the afterlife.
Players fight for control over one body. The player controlling the body tries to avoid the attacks sent by their opponent. On death, control swaps. First to control the body for 2 minutes wins.
A 2-player resource gathering game. Players fertilize planets, wait for life to develop and collect all the resources within the planet, then blow up the planet and gather the resources. Each player competitively gathers resources to feed their own wormhole.