Ivo Capelo

Past Games

Chloe is just an ordinary person and like many of us, she has struggles with her mental health and self-image.
Space, the final frontier...
You are typical office work-man in typical office work-man environment. It is job of work-man to nail and screw. Stop flailling arms and start work!!! A QWOP inspired game where you take control
When i was little a lot of my notion of home was the community i grew up with and the kids around me. The moment when the streets stopped being our home was when we got called for dinner by our paren
Synopsis - Trash Machine is a game about being a trash bot following the instructions of your king. - Scavenge for all pieces and bring your sovereign back to life! Controls (Robot Mode) - Mouse
Up to four players local multiplayer. Dash or stomp other players out of the giant speaker, Should be played with a PS4 controller but a XBOX360 controller also works. PS4 controller: Left
Everyday, Cristina needs to get ready for work. Use the D-pad in this short jazzy rhythm morning and help Cristina be punctual!

Hearty Games