Past Games

This is a game where you play as Cane, a clock mechanic who's on a mission to fix the Clock Tower in a post-apocalyptic steampunk version of Bitola.
Use sound waves to affect the environment blast your enemies into the air and finish them off with the hexagons on the wall.
Drums of War is a game where you perform a musical ritual of war to boost the morale and willpower of your army to help them achieve victory. --- Recommended players: 2 --- Controls of drums respe
A chaotic world where nothing is what it seems... not even yourself. Immerse your mind in the harmony of Entropy, engine of the Universe.
The heart is moved by emotions. This game consists of collecting emotions in order to keep the heart alive. You need to collect good emotions to extend your heart's life, but dodge the bad ones which decrease your heart life. However grabbing these emotions affects your avatar in a strange unpredictable way, just like emotions do.
The evil witch took the heart of the princess, help the knight find the heart of his beloved, the stronger his heartbeat is the closer the knight is to finding the heart. Game was developed in around 4-5 hours, design Gorgi Atanasovski & Sasho Dimitrov, code Ivan Spasenovski.