Past Games

Drunkenly corral your wasted friends home from a total rager! Two players avoid enticing shiny things and imminent arrests by grabbing and flinging their buddies from harm.
When a deer leaves a forest, what does it see? Outside of its familiar world, a deer must explore its new surroundings with care. Anything could be dangerous.
RADIOACTIVE is a maze/collection game. After the last great war, brought on by years of tension and economic turmoil, the earth has been transformed into vast stretches of barren, nuclear wasteland broken by the ragtag camps of the remaining human population. One intrepid scientist searches for proof of the resilience of nature, intent on finding life in the desolation. Equipping her radiation suit with the most advanced gear (including a sonic heartbeat detector) she set up her research in the ruins of bombed city. One day, while she was documenting diminishing levels of radioactivity in the city, a civilian transport ship lost control and crashed nearby. Injured and dazed as they staggered out of the escape pods, they wandered into the city in search of help. Worried for the survivors, as they had no protection from the deadly radiation, the scientist, armed with her suit and anti-radiation pills, strikes out to find them and bring them back to the helipad for evacuation.