Ioana-Iulia Cazacu

Past Games

The basis of the game is for 2-4 players to defend and repair their castle against the hoards of boulders being launched by catapults. The game runs in a turn based system, in which the players wil
Find your Key to Claim the Ultimate Reward. Your home got flooded while you were away and you come home from a trip eager to get to your favourite home activity.
Mizu o Nagasu literally translates to ‘Let flow in the water’, or as, the phrase is more commonly known in the West, water under the bridge.
2-D platforming game where the player must invoke sacrifical rituals to raise up demons or to go to Hell, in order to solve puzzles leading to a peaceful resolution of their life.
The president of United States dies right before his butler's eyes while they are alone in the Oval Office! What do we do now?