Past Games

This game proto is all about looking after your home garden, you have to look after your garden through for seasons of year. Most of game jam time went to learning basics of unity and this proto do
Mining in future has changed a lot... New resources are searched from the space. From within asteroids.
Aaltopallo is multiplayer game where you try to make goals creating waves on the pool which is our playing field. You create waves dragging stones over pool and dropping them on it.
You are trying to get in/out of caves, you advance protecting rituals which open portals to next cave.
You have pile of boxes and your goal is to remove as many boxes as possible without moving gray boxes. You can remove boxes by pointing with mouse and clicking them.
World is gray, blame the industrial time, mankind has almost destroyed nature, colors are lost. Stand up, fight for your rights for color, be happy. Gray No More!
"On a dark and cold night you wander through streets of Helsinki in Finland. Suddenly you see a slight shadow behind the corner. You see a flash of figure with huge white shiny teeth! He is black and fast and you totally can not resist him. In a flash he bites you on the neck and from that instant you get it! HE WAS A VAMPIRE! you struggle on the ground and then the story starts! " You play as Vampire Cell moving automatically inside a vein. When you collect red bloodcells, your vampirism grows. If you get hit by white bloodcells or get hit by walls, your vampirism decreases. If your vampirism grows too big or too small, you lose. Vampirism effects on mass and size. Controls: Aligning within veins with arrows. Controls on 1st chamber: move with arrowkeys and shoot with mouse.
Simple rotational 3D shooter where you shoot some basic elements used in alchemy (theme image looks similar than some symbols used by alchemists).