Past Games

Você tem a habilidade de um ninja? Este jogo é sobre um rei maluco e a perda de sua galinha.
Try to maintain the balance of an human organism in this exciting game, using only the heart! It's simple, just pump blood to the organs to keep them healthy, but, be careful, there are several threats to the organs like: viruses, cigarettes, beers and unhealthy food, you will have to get the rid of these things before them damage the system. The game scenario represents the human body and some of its internal vital organs. In the botton of the game screen there is a heart, it's function is to send blood to the other organs. Each organ has a minimum and a maximum blood limit, the challenge is to maintain the balance. Besides, some desirable and undesirable things are going to pop up out of the blue, and it is the player's function to let them in, or kick them out.
A puzzle adventure game in which a boy must find his lost family after an unexpected event. For this, he will have to use his heart and feelings across the map.
You are Astolfo, an old's guy who is running away from enemies real and imagined. Its difficulty lies in balancing your effort.
June are looking for your cat. You are June. You are labyrinth! Enemies are looking for you too.
You are the owner of a Horror House at a Theme Park! a Tower Defense game for you to scare the victims to Death by giving them a Heart Attack!! Choose from classic monster to use as your tower and buy better monsters as you progress.
In a distant future, nanorobots could swim inside the human body. Scientists and the government created remote control for these robots and allowed single, unemployed, overweight young men to guide them to their goal: remove clots from even fatter people's arteries. You're a nanorobot navigating inside an artery against the flow. From time to time the heart beats and you have to cling to the wall so you don't get pushed by the flow. Get all the way to the top! Watch out for fat incrusted arteries: you can't hold on to them!