Idan Zion

Past Games

A local co-op game made for 2 player with 2 game controllers. Themed by "Ghost busters", Two players guide ghosts to the next world, One has the power of repulsion while the other got pow
"Stuck in Between" is a 2D endless runner game where you run & skip between two worlds: Heaven and Hell, while trying to avoid from obstacles on the way.
Humanity developed a technology allowing us to calibrate brains, adjusting brain functions according to their needs. The subjects of the calibration went through several tests and challenges to test
Use your hands (literally) to repair earth greatest problems. ------------------------------------------------------ How to play: 1) load game 2) wait for modal to load 3) open camera 4) move yo
Its a game where you need to repair a toilet but you need to find a way to get there and the tools to do so

Hearty Games