Past Games

A group of soldiers must be controlled by the player without losing the radio signal that allows the player to communicate with the units. How to play: Click on a unit and then wherever you want to
You, Norman, have to scape. You have to run away from the demons into a dark maze using your synesthetic ability to see the sound. Any sound wave will be seen.
A text adventure, game-book, style game. Freaky science fiction. Made in 5 hours. In perfect Spanish, sorry ;)
[+18] Violence. What really happened in that store? I was only giving hugs and candies to the children... (Game Not Finished)
The main target of this game is to conquer a spiteful heart.To do that, you need to give it whatever it wants. At the begining of the game you choose the gender of the person you want to seduce. Depending on the gender and the personality of the owner of the heart you must give it different kinds of gifts to destroy the armored that surronded the heart. You must give it the correct gift or the heart will go crazy and over armored.