Past Games

Messy Room is a virtual reality game about making a suitcase. This game opens a new challenge to pick your stuff on the right time period. In chief try to achieve this task.
Repair all that is wrong with the world, one ripiit at a time. You are on your way to become a Ritipper phonemenon.
We have developed a first person horror game, in which the player uses transmission as a core game mechanic. We are trapped in our scout spaceship that is invaded by dark dwelling monsters.
We are the Whisperer of our tribe.
Control two characters to reach the city at the end of the road. Face puzzles that are not possible to solve with single character. PS: RIP DoDo
You open your eyes and suddenly everything you see is YOURSELF. Then you run... "We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are." We took it a bit literal.