Past Games

Crash Down is a board game where each player's crew has crashed landed on a planet after an accident and are trying to salvage enough materials to repair their ships and get off the planet.
Grab loot from your dungeon for your home! Increase the size of your loot stash!
"This is a Space Civil Defense Message from the Space Civil Defense Force." Play as a Civil Defense Spaceship transmitting evacuation warnings to planets of the impending doom wave while
Puff Pirates is a cute 2D co-op platformer featuring Calvi the Pirate and Wind Blows the Wind spirit.
Eat your Heart Out is a hide-and-seek multiplayer game where the Heart Bearer (Controlled by one player) has to avoid detection by the Searchers (Up to 3 other players) until he can power up and enter Heart-Eater mode and attack other players. Searchers have to use audio and visual cues to find the Heart Bearer. Note: Game works best in Chrome or Internet Explorer. Audio missing in Firefox