Past Games

Untitled Birb Game developed by Home Home is game were you play as Wedge Tail Eagle, Australia's largest bird of prey.
Tend to your terrarium! This relaxed garden sim gives you the ability to explore what home means to you by making this natural space your own.
Plan out your moves to get to the terminal by passing instructions from robot to robot.
Competitive disease spreading, just like Medieval times! WSAD to aim, hold space to pull the slingshot back- and release to fire. M shows the map.
From your space station on the edge of the solar system, launch symbols back to earth to send a complete message in the least time. Short 1 to 4 players arcade style game.
A game about spreading kindness and love through a digital world.
A game where you transmit yourself to new hosts to survive. Press V to exit Creatures and enter new ones, press Space to Jump, Arrow Keys to Move
Coffee Road is a game about a Game Jam Cup.
The yodeling pickle rhythm game. Are you worthy of your yodeling pickle family?