Past Games

Losing someone is equally heartbreaking for every living being in the mother nature. Mother's Den is a story of loving Mama Mouse who has lost her 3 cuddly baby mice in the cold and harsh wilder
Sir Ethan Diggsalot, cunning explorer, sets out on his most daring adventure: Reaching the Center of the Earth. He hires you and your two best friends to come with him.
This year I wanted to do a game again, but it was not possible due to problems in another project :( But I want to have GGJ18 in my list here, 'cause it was hugh fun nevertheless to be on site a
Use WASD to move around the beach and collect as much shells as possible to gain points. Watch out for worms, they slow you down and steal your points.
Rituals are represented by lightbulbs. You have to combine them by adding new rituals from light emitting stations. When two bulbs are colliding, they get a new color and change direction.

Hearty Games