Hugo Gomez

Past Games

Arcade VS, 2 players. Lucha por obtener la mayor cantidad de publico en una batalla de bandas del infierno atrayéndolos a través de tus gritos, obtén la mayor cantidad de fans antes de que se acabe
Two player cooperative game. The players are inside a guy in the gym and they control him via a system of switchs. The guy must do a series of exercises.
Two robbers are on the run. They can't outrun the police. Once they're catch a life changing decision is put in front of them. Characters based on the work of William Heath Robinson.
A race where the players run in the same scenario, but is different for each of the racers.
Spanish: Juego de aventura gráfica donde el jugador deberá resolver diferentes tipos de puzzle para lograr salir de la habitación. Para ello deberá utilizar el menú radial (clic derecho sobre el objeto) para interactuar con los diferentes objetos de la habitación y así consiguier alguna pista de como salir. English: Graphic adventure game where the player must solve different types of puzzles to get out of the room. To do so, use the radial menu (right click on the object) to interact with the different objects in the room and so any clue as consiguier out.