Past Games

A top down puzzle game where you "REPAIR" tiles. The game start with a worker destoying the tiles and you need to figure out how to help him.
getting back the feelings of your comfy old home through mini puzzles in the game
transform objects from world to another for fighting
2d side scroll platformer
A lone in an Islan a Witch is trying the darkest Vodo black magic to prepare the magic recipe to summon the souls of the ancients :) 2D mobile game
By all means avoid the wind. The mood is fixed
Monsters running from a bigger monster , what do we do in trouble and what do we do after ?
the trick is to be able to differentiate between monsters by the color the player will be able to see the colors of the monsters for 2 or 3 seconds at the start of the level then he should be able to
A casual game for android and web, an adorable little girl attempts to fend against cute -but vicious- vampiric hearts that want nothing but to suck her dry. Play the game by popping the increasing number of attcking hearts, once bite the girl, they will start to sap her blood, repeatedly tap on the girl to throw them off.

Hearty Games