Past Games

Two players face off in an arcade battle with explosions and time rewinding. Controls: PlayStation DualShock 4 Controller Players can shoot projectiles using Square to cause explosions - and re
Permanence is a two-player cooperative game where nothing is as it seems. You play one of two Solips, avatars who manifest the world by looking at it.
You're an animal. You have to find a special other animal - together you're stronger. Slowly your team expands and you form a powerful flesh-snake. \ The game is played by 10-20 people with smart phones in the pockets, emitting audio - running around smelling each others pants.
In a semi-collaborative race, players strive to finish together, but also become number one - before the resources run out! Its for 1 to 4 players and the controls are on the keyboard: WASD, FCVB, UHJK and the arrows. The theme was "extinction" and we decided to make game, where the game mechanics would become extinct if you use them to much :] Hope you enjoy as much as we enjoyed making it! :D
The test monkey has escaped the laboratory and the only way to get it back is for the scientists to control it through its tinfoil hat. The tinfoil hat is however not an instrument of precision.