Past Games

As Producers we assisted 12 teams in the concept, development and delivery of the 48 hour Global Game Jam event themed Repair.
This game is about a robot that must repair themselves to gain new mechanics, allowing the player to get to newer areas they couldn't get to before
A puzzle game about repairing yourself after fighting the evil cube. Get Power-ups, repair yourself to seek revenge and defeat the boss.
Top down survival game. You're a penguin in space and your ship is being damaged and you must repair it as quickly as possible.
After the War, survival is not easy, even for a Starship. But USS Taffy 3 will never surrender to destiny. Even though she is running out of resources, and she already took lots of damage.
Memoria Damnum is a 2-D, side-scrolling platformer. It follows Vena as she is trapped in her own mind.
Dinosaurs have started swarming the world and now trying to attack your home. Defend your home using bones you collect from those dinosaurs and build/repair towers to attack those vicious creatures.
After an unfortunate self-casting of a Hover spell, this junior wizard cannot slow himself down, and he's stuck in the old and broken basement!
The cube is broken! Collect the parts and fix it!
In a grimedark future of the... future, the Earth has been irradiated so much only the rich elite can survive out of doors.