Past Games

Enjoy the calm atmosphere of the lake and fish for junk and mementos hidden at the bottom by lowering and raising a fishing line that has a magnet. Simple keyboard controls and a focus on mood.
Save your date night by repairing your past.
A game about nature, calmness and arranging bird houses in an orderly fashion.
Takedown your friends to be the tallest totem standing. Use the animal sprits to fight your way up to victory. Controls: Hold A and press up or down to drag totem pieces.
Food wastage has been illegalized, so you and your trusty randomized cake prototype machine are forced to expand into foreign markets.
One man's quest to regain inspiration by travelling through the distant past to find the one and only ... BEATROOT.
Make a Moebius strip out of paper. Place a coin on the Moebius strip. By holding the paper up in the air and without touching the coin, advance it as much as possible along the strip in one minute. If the coin drops to the ground, you start from the beginning. Longest distance wins.
Cult Wars is a card game where players take on the role of a cult leader. The players compete to grow their cults in size while gaining the favor of their unholy deities by sacrificing their own brethren.
Rhythm of the Stars is a rhythm-based game where you save stars by flying in space and activating your area of effect power.
Lead the prince on by dangling a dazzling princess-marionette!