Past Games

An endless free falling simulator. The game features 2 perspectives as it switches from 3d to 2d. All the art/audio and gameplay changes, still remaining a endless falling game! Enjoy!!
You're a Nanobot... you've been injected in a Human's Blood Stream to protect his heart from a Cholesterol break down. Fight against the Cholesterol pieces and keep him alive. As your host eats unhealthy food, Cholesterol gets stronger. Join other Player's Nanobots for a multiplayer mayhem experience!!
As the ancient Ouroboros represents the renewal of life as well as the cycle of life, death and rebirth. In USFSATNEATRLT4U GOTY Edition you must help totem advance out of the Cursed Temple so he can go on with his eternal circle of life!!! Enjoy evading the crazy traps this platform game delivers!!!!