Hansel Koh

Past Games

This is a game where you need to protect your sleeping grandma from demons who are afraid of the lights. But beware of how you use your fire! Play though 4 different levels of houses!
A man called his girlfriend who lives very far away.
BluSnarfing is 3D cubic game where the player plays as black hat who's job is to find targets from jobs just like a hitman would.
Top Down Shooter Game. This game is highly based on color frequency waves and sound waves. Enemies come in 4 different color and shoot waves. Kill enemies while being their color, while avoi
A faceless man who lost hope until he found his new friend, Boky the cute cube. A great adventure awaits for both of them.
'What Do We Do Now?' is a 2D platform puzzle game that can be played as single or multiplayer mode.
Push it! A simple multi-player game that requires players to push a sphere from a start point to an end much like the "Folk" game "labyrinth maze".