Past Games

Isometric angle survival-time based game. You have to collect all relics in time to complete the Ancient Ritual and avoid zombie fields. Otherwise, you are dead, game over, finito!
Eddie's Dream is a 2,5D sidescroller platform game with Limbo like graphics, inspired by the open movie Elephant's dream. In the game we are in our character Eddie's dream, who had two days with no sleep (referring to the ggj) and having a nightmare because of exhaustion. The dream itself is a platform game because Eddie is a true gamer. The game is a typical jump and run game which we try to pass trough traps, while we're trying to have our heart beat under control by collecting some items. We hope you enjoy Eddie's dream, which became true after two sleepless days :)
Wheels of time is a 3D third person shooter-platform game. It contains 3 levels. We develop this game with Unreal Development Kit, so it may require a strong PC.