Past Games

A game about robots, signals and stuff. Requires 2 XBOX controllers and 2 players. The controls are quite dual-stick like.
We gave the GoDot engine a first try ;) The gameplay is a basic infinity runner! Just press space - that is all you have to do.
Have you ever wondered how it would feel to be someone else? We want to give you the opportunity to find out! ... The game provides challenges for you to try out in the REAL world.
Left Click = spawn something and try to hit a zombie with it [|||] Right Click = Move [|||] Mouse wheel = Zoom [|||] Goal is to make as much stunts as possible. Here we go... Enjoy the ragdoll fun!
It has become a matter of life and death now not to give up during Global Game Jam 2012. While you are trieing to fulfill the nightmarish requirements of the Global Game Jam, you are haunted by twisted recollections of different games and an overwhelming desire to sleep. But sleeping is not an option if you want to survive this weeekend.
The player has to destroy colored masses by throwing complimentary colored projectiles.