Hüseyin Yaşar

Past Games

Titanium Brothers Robo Repair is a game which we repair fellow robots in a sci-fi repairshop environment. Inspiration comes from Overcooked!
Home of gods is a sandbox building game, where you make homes for greek gods on mount Olympus, heavily inspired by kingdoms and castles :) Since time was limited, the game does not have a proper U
Two Necromancers dueling each other by reviving skeletons from the graves. They suck life energy from nearby good and nice flowers and transfer it to their minions to empower them in battle.
A very (very) brief story of a man thrown to the sea by the mafia... How long can you avoid the unavoidable?
Both Within Us is a platform game, in which we mainly collect and put on two types of eyeglasses, a red one and a pink one, to solve puzzles and finish the level.
Eddie's Dream is a 2,5D sidescroller platform game with Limbo like graphics, inspired by the open movie Elephant's dream. In the game we are in our character Eddie's dream, who had two days with no sleep (referring to the ggj) and having a nightmare because of exhaustion. The dream itself is a platform game because Eddie is a true gamer. The game is a typical jump and run game which we try to pass trough traps, while we're trying to have our heart beat under control by collecting some items. We hope you enjoy Eddie's dream, which became true after two sleepless days :)

Hearty Games