Gytis Barkauskas

Past Games

Amazin amazin is exactly what it seems - a maze in a maze in...
Run like there is no tomorrow. Because there isn't. The Awkward Bob is stuck in hell. Luckily, skeletons are more than welcome to help build the path to the surface.
You are leading light homing particles to all-consuming black hole, but must avoid it itself. --- Was built and tested for Android 8.1 as well.
Connect dots with matching color center piece to send a package and score. Beware of timers - if you lose a package, one of linking nodes will be lost.
Save the city from tsunami attack!.. Oh wait, hold on... it's a different game... here, YOU are the tsunami, go ahead and obliterate the streets!
"For centuries, Celtic monks have maintained the eternal flame lit in honor of Belenus, the almighty sun god.
It is a little psychedelic adventure sidescroller which tries to show you the world through the eyes of a psycho.