Past Games

The game is about Andala, a girl cursed by a tremendous power that is out of control. Complete the levels without letting her power destroy her.
Experience the day to day life of a hunter in your routine and instincts, and admire the forest full of life around you.
Scarecrow Defender is a Tower Defense game where the player must defend its scarecrow-turrets from hordes of Evil Crows. The main gameplay feature is the need for swapping between the four turrets to perform an efficient defense. While using a single turret increases its pace, changing to another turret from a high-paced one takes a longer time. These mechanics make clear the game's purpose: quickly reacting to the whole scenario, instead of focusing in a piece of it.
It is a Two PLayers Hack n' Slash, Side Scrolling Platform Game. Your objective is to reach the end of the map to face the Boss. Each time you die you're reborn at the beggining, and a whole new round begins.