Past Games

A mixed-reality shoot 'em up game for VR and MIDI Keyboard. The game is an experiment on playing video games by interacting with real-world interfaces.
Clicker game inspired by the song Tamirci Çırağı (Car Mechanic Apprentice) by Turkish poet Cem Karaca.
Become the farthest human being away from home.
Defend your pyramid shaped planet from Invader Cubes. Use your radio wave emitter to push them back. Don't let them get close to you, become red and invade your pyramid shaped planet.
Stack rocks on the side of a clear pond in the middle of a peaceful forest. Inspired by land artist Michael Grab's "Stone Balance" artwork:
It's On! is a two player dancing game in which you send some "dance moves" to your opponent to perform and at the same time receive some other "moves" to perform by yourself.
What do you do if your space station explodes and tosses you away while you are in the middle of a space walk?
Consider a rhythm game in which you didn't try to catch rithms. Consider a puzzle platform in which you can't control the hero.
Game is about controlling the heart's pulse on normal rythm. Virusses and bacterias are attacking to heart through the veins and causing heart pulse to get high. You must build your defance towers with leukocyte points and destroy them.
It is a tower defense game. Every enemy has own way to finish. And the towers are defensing the way. Every tower has own sound and rhythm. And the green row timer for making random music by enemies' positions.
Be a part of the composition and shape the music by changing the orientation of the phone.