Grzegorz Lisowski

Past Games

Snail woman in need! During shower Lucy, our snail woman, lost her shell. Her precious home fall into the dark hole. Our hero, Kamil the snail, wants to help her.
What is the game about? We are swimming by submarine. Suddenly after entering one of the many caves, something unexpected happens. The entrance was blocked by rocks. We have no other choice.
A Evil sorcerer seeks the artifacts needed for the ultimate ritual to get revange on a hero that destoyed his plans. Little does he know about the origin of the hero...
Logical game where you have to open doors to get to a portal. To move the camera: w, s, a, d To select character use left mouse button. To move a character use right mouse button.
A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away... it was Crazy World. So crazy cat called Nyan cat tried to avoid a collision with that planet. Unfortunately he had a accident.
The character is a vengence seeking, parasitizing ghost which cannot live for a very long time without a host.