Past Games

Houston, we have a %[email protected]# is a local multi-player co-op game. One player is Major Thompson, an astronaut stuck on a strange alien ship which is hurtling towards the Earth.
2 player versus game in the style of Towerfall, Nidhogg and Foiled.
A murder mystery in a Lovecraftian Cluedo mansion. Five investigators enter the Blackhearth Manor in search of answers, but is there a killer among them? Yes. Yes there is. Welcome to Darkhearth Manor. You've all travelled here to investigate strange goings on, but it appears there may be a murderer amongst you. Who knows what horrors will be unleashed if he isn't apprehended... Find the murderer by listening or watching for his increased heart rate when you're nearby. Collect clues, by searching rooms (walking over them collects them), to make him nervous and increase your ability to identity him. Accuse people with , but beware! His confidence will increase with every false accusation, making him harder to find. Catch him before he kills you all and fulfils his dark purpose...