Past Games

Transmit your infectious disease to unknowing residents of Crazy Town! The wooden mummy tries to instill fear but looks silly doing so.
Play as Tako, an octopus who is trying to survive waves of debris in a tsunami. Replenish your energy with seagull blood!
City building theme is the core mechanic of the game, as you need to build up to the top tier, there are frogs jumping over the building trying to demolish it.
Genre: Rhythmic, High Score Based Tags : Cartoon, Rhythmic, Timed-Based, Pixel 2D Description: Press Up, Down and Right to kill the zombies at the right bar while press left to gain points.
It's a a cardboard world........yay........
You play as the husband in a lovely household, with your wife which you dare not displease. You love to chill-lax, while she demands you to do chores. Trick her to leave you alone by pretending to do chores in front of her. She'll love it, but you hate it. Fill up your happy bar before her by doing what you like, 0 happiness means you have lost the game.