Past Games

Blood Mage Battle Royale is a game where 2-4 players try to kill each other using their blood magic.
"The Boss is a Sore Loser" is a standard platformer consisting of two levels.
Ignoble Hunter, The Treasure you Seek Will keep you in the Twisted Deep Forsake your Vice, Forsake your Eyes, And you will find what Logic Defies Bound is a game based on the "Binding Problem" and how different stimuli: visual, audio, tactile, all merge together to give a more complete picture of the state of things. In Bound, we challenge the player to forgo these 'Bindings' by playing the game without looking at the screen, following their heart versus their head. The Audio and Visual feedback in Bound are completely separate, giving the gameplay two unique feels depending on how the player chooses to interact with the world.