Past Games

The apocalypse is upon us. You are the last family of goats left on the farm. You need to save your kids from trash oozes.
You are Hermi the hermit crab. Your goal in life is to find a home and eat to sustain your self. out for those nasty predators!
You're a lonely communications quality control assistant stuck on a station in the middle of space. Dating apps are cool tho, and you've made a match!
Over the course of human history magic and cursed relics have been found, sought, created, treasured, and reviled. Few objects, however, have been as associated with ritual as mirrors.
Crisis on Space Station X is a collaborative text-based adventure, where 1-4 players can choose the path of our hero, a plucky little maintenance bot.
Theme was difficult this year. My main goal for the day was to get more experience with Unity, especially the 2D stuff. I started making an infinite runner, but got stuck with the level generation.