Past Games

Something is wrong with the fire god of an ancient civilization. An orphan adolescent, raised by the temple guardians, is the peoples only hope.
Humans invading an alien spaceship to steal advanced technology.
At the start of the game you are presented 3 items and you can only take one. The game plays differently depending on which item you take.
A puzzle game about a guy tripping on anti-psychotics.
Fire Fighter Frenzy! is a procedurally-generated survival game.
In this game, you play the hand of God by using the hand to direct the wind towards candles that have been placed in windows by the followers of The Serpent Flame. Directions: Use your mouse to control the hand. Use the z/x keys to control the angle of the hand. Direct the blowing wind towards the candles. The Crumbly Muffin Studios Team Members Are: Artists: PMac - PMac is an experienced Artist/Graphic Designer and IT Professional developing skills in game mechanics and workflow. CMac - Multimedia Specialist/Artist/Illustrator/Documentary producer. He is acting as our Technology Facilitator. Kevin Kroschel - He is an aspiring game developer specializing in Concept art and 3D modeling. He lives and breathes this stuff. Nick Bouyer - He is an Artist that specializes in concept art. Also a huge sports fan. And the best Video Game player in the group. Programmer: Tyler Mitchell - Interested in game engine development. Trying to transition from game tinkerer to game engine programmer.