Past Games

4-player party game in which the game mode changes after specific intervals without any feedback as to what the next game mode will be. Chaos and disaster ensues.
A game about dragging two adorable cubes through a dangerous world they don't quite understand...
You and 3 other friends control a giant shrinking Jellyfish. Tap the right rythm to move the giant jellyfish and eat as many cells as you can before you shrink to death! If you're not in sync with your other buddies, the jellyfish will slow down, making it harder to eat cells. Try to avoid the red cells, they're bad news! Each player is one of the four hearts inside the giant jellyfish (the position on your xbox controller corresponds to your position inside the jellyfish). Moving the jellyfish requires teamwork: if player one (upper left heart) taps the rythm, the jellyfish goes upper left, etc. This way the players have to discuss where they want to go and who should tap, and which players shouldn't tap. By working together and going in the right direction together the jellyfish can move towards the cells and eat them in order to stay alive. Special thanks to Anton Valle for creating the music for WobWob. http://www.antonvalle.fi/
Kipp is a game about infinity, where going back into time is no problem! Will kipp make it to the end?