Gordon Yuen

Past Games

同一天空下,不同的平地線 - Same Sky With Different Horizon! Let's abandon the duality between humans, be harmonious, bring love to the people all around you.
致十年後的你(我) - To every one of you(me), in 10 years! Find the original self, all start from scratch. Be brave, hopeful, love, and pure again!
時光機 - Re. 80s 帶你重回80年代! Repair your Memory, Repair your History, Old school 80s! We all losing and breaking memories and history every day. Have you tried to repair or take it back?
The basic concept of our game comes from the Hong Knog living situation. It is well-known that Hong Kong has a specific term, sub-dividedunits (劏房), which many people in Hong Kong are now living in.