Past Games

You are a vampire. Collect the goblets and bring them to your coffin to get rid of your curse of undeath. You need to feed from the villagers, who escape from you.
This Game is Lost can be considered as a puzzle game, in which you need to think outside the box in order to beat the game.
Find the remaining power core and get all the robots to the safety.
Guş is a carrier pigeon who has a severe drinking habit.
This is a game about colors. You need to protect yourself against spaceships with different colors. You shoot waves against them.
It's a game about how rituals and traditions have affected women's lives during the history. It's an adventure game made with RPG Maker.
Ankara, the capital city of Turkey is infamous for it's brutes called "kıro"s.
Bunny get mad. He sees everyone as a reflecton of himself. Help him as he slaughters his foes and maybe friends
In depths of hell, damned to die and come back to life just to die again. You cannot save yourself, but you can save the others. To end the suffering, you begin your journey.
Bughazzard is done by 4 people, this game requires ones attention and skills. The game has 5 levels, in each level the player is supposed to enter some DNA code according to some visual clues. So that he can generate some mutant bugs to kill and swipe out some unwanted bugs in time constraint. If the player enters some wrong DNA code, he has to kill the unwanted created bug running bugs with his weapon before the bug runs off the screen... if this unwanteg bug can escape from you, the total number of the bugs you have to eliminate increases...