Past Games

When everything is broken at home, it's up to Ferit to fix it all. --------HOW TO PLAY--------- A for turning utilities on/off D for slapping them
A story about a shepard and his sheep getting chased by a wolf, trying to return home with a plot twist at the end.
GGJ 2018 theme is announced in New Zealand. All communication channels, including internet and wireless communication is blocked to prevent Hawaiians' early access to the theme.
A man wakes up in a maze. He cannot see anything but, there must be a way out. As you walk in the maze with W, A, S, D keys, maze reveals itself with echoes of your sound.
Defend your ancient people from wild animals, titans, legendary creatures and UFOs. Use your magical voice to stun or scare your enemies.
Game jam developers without any ideas or energy chillax with a weird way...