Past Games

Just a bunch of gritty space force soldiers doing space force things. (an attempted star fox knockoff) This site excessively downgrades the screen shots.
I really don't know, I had many interruptions this weekend. Boats, lava, guns. Diviersifiers, I find annoying. Never look at them. If implemented it's coincidence.
A 3rd Person platformer. Depending on which vision mode you're in, certain things are real, or they are not.
A side-scroller. Running from impending doom and having a worst case scenario path to take to safety. Please use windowed mode if running on a display of 4:3. The game was designed for 16:9 . The browser version does not display the title screen correctly due to the webplayer not supporting light cookies. So just hit space to skip it if you must use the browser version. My source files can be downloaded via the "download link" below the screen shot.
Two rocket over the top rocket propelled cyborgs slaughtering serpents.
Bullet hell side scroller and third person. Killing snakes, dragons, and hybrids thereof... and we'll find some way to factor in the circular thing from the theme...
Fighter pitting endangered and mythical abominable snowmen against each other. There can be only one. Survival is the prize. Extinction is not an option.