Giuseppe Longo

Past Games

All design and gameplay will make you lost and found. For ever.
This is a single player boardgame in which the player has to find a path back home through a dangerous forest.
A.EM.Y is your personal Empathy provider.
You must defeat Wrench Long to stand a chance! Repair the car before time is over or go home and be a family man.
A short dreamlike adventure game
The alien invasion has begun. Defend your home and family throwing dishes at those green things from the windows. Make sure to bar the entrance doors too!
Avoid the virus haunting the Forcol Museum to get you. Do not let infected people to touch you and wisely use healing kit bombs to hold out against the virus.
A survival arcade game set in a post-apocalyptic scenario.
A local 4 players game featuring two teams of weird looking minions that are trying to summon an ancient deity by mixing wacky ingredients inside a pot at the center of a ritual circle. 4 controlle
"Ooooooh God! What do I do now!??" this is what goes through the head of a priest when things gets messy and nasty during his Mass.